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haber » Welcome to the unique Greek free short-term online platform !! free of charge and will be forever

And when we say free we mean no hidden fees etc. If you have a problem with your listing let us do it '

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Booking your airbnb listing link The url from the youtube video you want to put in if you haven't yet Give us permission to put us a neutral video that shows your site whatever else you want to add your coordinates if you don't know them send us the full address to find us The basic rate and how much you want to increase Jun Jul Aug Sep how many people do you sleep in and how many beds do you have, how many baths do you give extra beds and at what price? you give extra packages like airport pickup etc etc at what rates and one of our partners will have your listing ready in 24 hours with photo texts and 10 translations
Yayınlanan: 28 Nov, 2018 11:44
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